10 Preppy Room Decor Ideas That Will Transform Your Space

preppy room decor

Aren’t you willing to give your space a timeless and chic charm? A preppy room decor is a perfect way to make a statement. 

The aesthetic preppy room decor or preppy rooms has been a standard fashion for decades in the USA. Still, now it’s getting prevalent among interior designers and home remodeling lovers. 

Designing your space following the preppy room decor leads you to have a sophisticated yet beautiful space that stuns your visitors.

This blog is all about the preppy room decor ideas that inspire others and give a captivating look to your space. So, read this blog deep down to the bottom line to get the most out of it. So let’s begin!

What are Preppy Rooms?

Preppy is a clothing style in the northeastern United States. It is considered to be a clean, classic, and to some extent conservative style. 

Therefore, a room decorated following the above properties is considered to be a preppy room. 

A preppy room usually has bold patterns, bright colors, nautical and equestrian motifs, natural materials, and traditional furniture. 

Preppy Room Decor Ideas

If you are willing to turn the look and aesthetic of your room, preppy ideas can be a wonderful choice. Down here are some exciting and cheering preppy room decor ideas that can help you achieve what you are looking for. So, follow the below-mentioned ideas. 

preppy room decor

  • Preppy Color Palette

Before going deep into the decor style, you need to decide on the color palette of your space. For this, always choose an aesthetic color palette for your room that look sophisticated as well as exciting. 

White, green, pink, and green are considered to be the traditional preppy shades. Plus, a little addition of brown, pine green, red, and even yellow can assist your goal. So, go with these colors and turn your boring space into an exciting one. 

  • Look for the Preppy Motifs and Patterns

When creating a preppy room, look for the below motifs and patterns:

  • Cowgirl hats
  • Hearts
  • Palm trees
  • Floral prints
  • Smiley faces
  • Stars
  • Animal prints
  • Lightning bolts, etc. 


  • An LED Mirror Can Do Wonders

While creating a preppy room decor, look for things that are decorative yet functional at the same time. An LED mirror in your room is a delightful and functional addition to space that helps you achieve a preppy room design. 

It not only looks aesthetically pleasing but helps you with its light source while you get ready for your office or a late-night party. 

  • Decorate the Wall

Whether the room is big or small, wall decor in the room plays a vital role in attaining the preppy aesthetic. Go for the wall collages as it is the easiest way to decorate your wall. 

You can create collages of different wallpapers, pictures, quotations, etc. Moreover, you can go for heart-shaped stickers, similies, and framed posters. 

  • Go for Fun Lighting

To make your space look attractive and unique, you must opt for fun preppy lighting. Such lighting is beyond functionality and is a way to add personality and good vibes to the area. It boosts your mood and provides a welcoming glance. 

Moreover, these lights are affordable and can be a nice therapy to have improved moods and energy. 

  • Preppy Room Furniture Decor

It must be shocking for you to know about preppy furniture. Yes, you can design your furniture according to preppy aesthetics and add some style and functionality to the room. 

A pink chair, desk or nightstand, soft cushion headboard, a rug, or a rocking chair can be some great ideas for preppy furniture. 

  • Look for Preppy Accessories

Another method to go preppy for your room is to have preppy accessories. Display ribbon belts, bow ties, and riding boots as preppy decorative items in your room. 

Furthermore, you can have a preppy jewelry holder to keep all your wearables such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. Plus, a stylish bedside lamp or a traditional alarm clock can also be added. All these things are not only decorative but functional too. 

  • Faux Fur for Desk Chair

Another cute, yet comfy preppy idea is to add faux fur over your desk chair. You probably have a desk chair which is plain and not comfortable. So, why not add faux fur to that chair to make it look cute and comfortable? 

Adding faux fur over the chair is a preppy idea that you should not overlook. 

  • Buy Preppy Bedding

Going preppy for the bed can be a great idea as it gives you a more comfortable and cozy space. You can create luxury and comfort by buying a lot of pillows, squishy duvets, and small cartoony cushions. 

Look for heart-printed sheets, floral bed sets, and animal or cartoon pillow covers. And if you love cuddling, add a cuddly toy to your preppy bed too.

Go DIY for Aesthetic Preppy Room Decor

It is the best and cheap choice to achieve a preppy room aesthetic. The DIY methods always pay more and it gives you the freedom to choose whatever you want. 

Some DIY preppy methods are to create picture frames, pot plants, and sticker templates according to your choice. 

The Bottom Line

Use the above given easy-to-do ideas to turn your boring room into an aesthetic preppy room decor. You just have to do all the things you love and have the fantasy of doing. Put in all your creativity in turning your dull space into a preppy one. 

Besides these ideas, you can search on the internet for other creative ideas, and get inspiration from magazines, or your favorite stores. Don’t be afraid of trying something new. Just do it!

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