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7 Easy Ways to Soundproof French Doors

Soundproof French Doors

Do you have french doors in your home interior? If yes, you must get irritated from the outside noise coming through your french glass doors. In that case, you must be wondering how to have soundproof French doors.

Don’t worry, as we have several easy methods for soundproofing your french glass doors. Following the techniques given in this blog, you can significantly minimize the amount of noise coming from the glass doors. So, let’s dive into the guide!

What are French Doors?

During the 16th to 17th centuries, the French Doors emerged in France and that’s the reason they are known as French Doors. These doors are characterized by their large, paned glass windows that often feature one or more glass panels. 

Soundproof French Doors

The frame can be of wood or metal. These doors are usually used to get natural light inside the interior while maintaining privacy. Commonly, French Doors are used in homes, offices, and other interior spaces to bring aesthetics and functionality too. 

Easy Methods to Soundproof French Doors

Glass isn’t a soundproof material. Even a double-pane glass lets some sound inside the interior, and it’s the nature of glass. There are several methods that you can implement to reduce the amount of unwanted sound through your glass panes. Here are a few of them. 

Soundproof French Doors easy steps

  • Look for the Gaps and Cracks

Gaps and crack in your French doors are the first thing you should look for, as they are the silent killers of your comfort. You need to seal these gaps and cracks to reduce the noise coming through the French glass doors. 

  • Install Soundproof Curtains

Installing the soundproof curtains over the French Glass Doors can surprisingly reduce the intensity of noise coming from outside. The thick, lengthy, and rough surface of soundproof curtains cut all the noises that bother and irritate you. So, go for these curtains and make your space noise-free. 

  • Go for the Soundproof Weather Stripping

During the door installation, some gaps remain between the actual door and the door frame. That is the result of poor manufacturing, or the door hinges have tilted over time. This creates a tiny space that allows the outside noise to get in. 

To get rid of this situation, you can simply attach the self-adhesive weather stripping to the French door and get a soundproof area. 

  • Install the Double-pane Glass

Replacing your single-pane glass with double-glazed glass is the most-effective method to eradicate the unnecessary noise in your space. When you put dual-pane glass in the French Door, you simply increase the thickness of the glass, hence it soundproofs the area. 

Yes, it will not put an end to the outside noise, but too much extent, you will feel comfortable and relaxed. Moreover, you won’t need to use weather stripping by implementing this method.

  • Lubricate the Handles and Hinges

What!!! Lubricating the hinges and handles can reduce the outside sound. No, surely not. This method won’t help you in reducing the noise coming from outside, but it can help you get rid of the squeaky sounds coming from your French door. 

Lubricating the door hinges and handles will provide you with the quiet movement of glass doors. 

  • Cover the Bottom of the Door

To soundproof the French doors, you should cover the door’s bottom by adding a sweep. A door sweep helps you cover the gap between the door and the floor. Don’t worry, as it won’t create any hurdles while the door is in motion. 

Adding a sweep at the bottom will not allow the cold or hot air to let inside and blocks the unwanted noise too. 

  • A Moving Blanket Can Do Wonders

Moving blankets play the same role as thick curtains. Hanging a thicker moving blanket over the French door can give you a better noise reduction. 

Ideally, the thicker the blanket is, the better soundproofing is. So, install a moving blanket and have a noise-free environment. 

And That’s It!

The above-mentioned seven easy methods can help you reduce ample outside noise and gives a comfortable environment. Go for the method that suits you the best. So, that’s it from today’s guide. We hope following these methods will soundproof your French doors.

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