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How Long Does Grout Take To Dry?

Tiles Grout

Grout is a thick liquid use to fill the holes or utilized as support in the existing structures. Dry grout provides the hardness as well as beauty to the areas like tiles of floors and kitchen as well. Grout is a thick combination of water, concrete and sand.  Not like other primary glues, for example, mortar or joint compound, dry grout shapes a safe seal.

How long grout take to dry

It is very necessary for the grout to convert to dry grout as soon as possible. But grout somewhere takes about the time range of 24 to 72 hours to dry by and large. Nonetheless, the specific drying of grout depends on different things which include:

  • Type of grout you are using

  • Stickiness level of the grout

Makers usually instruct to hold up to   3-7 days before presenting this applied grout to dampness.

Genuine Drying time of 5 popular Grouts

Depending on the nature of the grouts can be of two types. One is the cement based grouts and other is the epoxy based grouts. Cements based grouts take longer time to convert into dry grout as compare to the epoxy based grouts.

Some examples here to know that how long mixture grout takes to convert into dry grout.

Simple grout premixed grout

Manufacturers usually suggest that let the grout dry up to 24 hours. And if you are applying the grout on the shower walls doo give seven days to cure.

White Dry non sanded grout

This type of grout can be exposed after three days of applying to the dampness.

Quic Tile  Forst pre mixed Urethane Grout

This group shouldn’t be fixed. Following three days of restoring. The grout can be presented to irregular water openness.

Starlike EVO Crystal  Glass

After 24 hours, the grout can be presented to light people strolling through. It is prepared to use area after five days, as long as the temperature is above 73 Fahrenheit.

Polyblend Plus Bright White Non-Sanded Grout

The relieving time for this grout is stuck by temperatures and stickiness levels. For outdoor grouting, the maker suggest moistening the region every so often with clean water for three days. Don’t  open to wet climate components for  at least seven days.

Factors Involve Grout Drying Time

The drying of the grout depends on many factors which includes the following:

Kind of Grout Being Used

This is the main element deciding the time grout takes to dry. There are some  normal sorts of grout for clay tiles. You have the option to select from these types.

Cement Grout: This is also called as concrete grout and is the mostly used grout for fixing tasks. It also contains concrete and dampness mixed particles that don’t take a lot of water for blending. The dampness make the tiles grasp better.

Epoxy Grout: is a hard sort of grout that contains a combination of epoxy pitches. It is hard and solid as far as strength and solidness. It also gives fantastic steadiness to the tiles.

Furan Grout: is one more modern sort of grout that is have polymers of furfural liquor. It is starch and wear-safe that assists with causing it to support much longer.

Humidity Levels

Levels of humidity also affects the drying time of grout. For  dry grout climates with less humidity are better than the climates having high levels of humidity. Indoor plants also plays a huge role in raising they humidity of the house as they release moisture in air. Also, If you use a small fan for speed up drying procedure it will also decrease the humidity and make grout dry.


Location where you are applying grout is also very important. It is a long drying process if you are using grout outside than in indoors. Because outdoor can be rainy, snowy, humid and wet.

For the outdoor projects it mostly take 7 days and indoor projects need only 72 hours for the grout to cure.

How to Make Grout Dry Faster

Since grout fixes due to chemical changes, there’s very little you can do to increase the process to make a dry grout. You can increase the drying process speed by considering some of the tips which are given below.

  • Remove indoor plants
  • Use appliances like fans
  • Protect outdoor grout from snow and rain.

What if Grout Doesn’t Dry Properly

Assuming grout doesn’t dry as expected, this is what can happen. The improper dry grout can strip and drop. It is the reason of weak joints between the tiles bringing about the openings, breaks and holes in the grout lines.

Not allowing to dry grout may lead to odd situations like breaks and disintegrate. Moreover this happens when exposed to dampness before it is completely restored.

Chances of mold growth are also there when the grout doesn’t properly dry up.

Grout Sealer and Drying Time

Adding a sealer later for grout fixing completely fixes add toughness.  It also makes the grout impervious to water and stains. Obviously you should follow the guidelines. Generally, some sealers need two hours to dry, while other can need as long as three days.

For example, TileLab1 Gal is a grout sealer require two hours after application on the other hand 6 oz. Grout Sealer takes almost three hours and can be presented to dampness.

Plan B for any Inconvenience

It is very important to be ready for any types of burdens and have already second plans for the inconvenience.  Because not having any plans to deal with the burdens and giving more time may increase the risk of damage by walking on it and exposing it to moisture too soon.

Some things that could help you in this situation are:

Lower the load of objects from that area.

In case of kitchen do all work in advance so that walking on the tiles may not increase the hazard.

Don’t rush to recently grouted area e.g. rooms, kitchen and bathrooms.

Make alternative accommodation arrangements.


Always follow the proper guidelines provided in the vouchers. Time may be different and it is important to follow either 3 days or 10 days dry time. Also waiting a bit longer than the mentioned time than recommended lowers the risk.

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