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How To Open a Locked Bedroom Door

how to open a locked bedroom door

Have you ever lost your bedroom key? Or you unintentionally or accidentally block someone in your room and now don’t know where the key is? If so, I can understand how annoying this situation would be and sometimes dangerous as well. When such a situation arrives the only method that comes to mind is to break the door, which is pretty expensive. No need to worry! As in this article, I will explore some interesting and easy methods of how to open a locked bedroom door without a key that you can use in your hard time (when you forget your key) and will let you know about how to unlock a bedroom door without a key. As it is always important to know about such ways that may help you in certain cases. 

Tools & Material 

Whenever you can’t get into your room because of the inaccessibility of keys, you should get the help of an expert locksmith. On the off chance that you can’t bring any locksmith close by then, we have some strategies, how to open a locked bedroom door without a key so you can use these. 

So let us examine a few apparatuses you can use rather than a key to open your entryway. 

  • By Using A Credit Card On A Spring Lock
  • Picking The Lock
  • Thin Wire or Rod
  • By Knife
  • By Using A Small Screwdriver

Let us learn how to use these tools. 

By Using A Credit Card On A Spring Lock 

You can use your credit card to unlock the spring lock of your bedroom. Even though, it will not open a deadbolt but can open a spring lock. 

  • Place the card between the casing and the lock. Put the card up inverse of the casing and curve its back. This will help in driving the lock by and by into the entryway and besides help in opening it. 
  • If there’s no space between the edge and the lock, then, at that point, attempt to push your card between the edge and the entryway over the lock. After this, slant your card toward the edge and swipe it downward. 

Picking The Lock 

  • Picking a lock is more inconvenient than the other two procedures of opening a room door without a key. To pick a lock, you’ll require an Allen key. Embed the Allen key’s more limited end into the keyhole’s base edge. 
  • Apply pressure and twist the lock somewhat toward the direction the key would turn. For some time, keep the strain as consistent as could be expected. Pick the lock with an unbent paperclip. 
  • You can also try another key to open the door. If that key fits in your lock then try this method: Grease the keyway. Apply gentle pressure on the key, slide it in and out, raking it to and fro, but be careful not to draw it out of the lock. This method is known as key picking, and you may be surprised by the result.
  • There are two basic ways to pick a loc. One is the scrubbing approach and the other is the pin by pin method. When using the scrubbing method, insert the paper clip at the bottom of the keyhole. Now raise it backward and upwards. 

Thin Wire or Rod 

The wire or rod method works on specific doors with privacy handles, that are locked by a button pressed in the handle. Hammer a paper clip flat, thumb wire, rod, or insert a little butter knife. Push it as long as you can and then twist it in different directions. Do this until you open the lock. 

By Using A Small Screwdriver 

A screwdriver is a small and useful tool. It is used on doors with privacy handles or internal doors. Press the screwdriver into the hole of the doorknob. Then using a screwdriver, twist or spin the lock until it opens. You need a slotted screwdriver between the frame and the bolt. You can open a spring lock. Wriggle the screwdriver to and forth. 

By Knife 

Knives are one of the best equipment to use for opening a locked or jammed door. Be careful while using the knife as it may cause accidents. So I would recommend you to use a butter knife or spreader to avoid accidents. These types of knives are not sharp but thick enough to tolerate the pressure you apply on them. 

Final thoughts 

We can experience complex situations every day that make us shocked. One such situation is losing our bedroom key and locking ourselves outside the room. Regardless of what the case will be, the critical thing is always to be ready for such a situation and apply all methods you have learned in this article. If any of the methods didn’t work how to open a locked bedroom door then call a professional locksmith. We hope these methods help you to learn different techniques on how to open the lock of a bedroom without a key. If still have any issues then feel free to comment here.

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