How To Sharpen Lawn Mover Blades Without Removing

How To Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades Without Removing-min

Having a lawn in your home is one of the soothing feelings, however, people like to grow different types of flowers in it. But some people are there that always worried about their mower’s blade. Furthermore, many people question how to sharpen lawn mover blades without removing them. The reason for asking such a question is that they don’t want to get help from others. Besides this, a lawnmower is one of the most essential tools. Because it makes it easy for you to remove the extra plants in your garden.

There are many ways to make your garden appealing and outstanding but using the lawnmower is a top priority. However, the amazing fact about the mower is that it reduces the chance of rain disasters. Moreover, having a lawn in your house also reduces noise pollution and cleanses the air.

Preparation Steps

  • First of all, you need to secure your hand by wearing gloves. If you start this process without gloves then you can get a cut on your hand.
  • Now remove the ignition point from the switchboard, so that, you can easily start the process.
  • If it is a wireless mower then you’ll remove the battery of the mower. The reason for following these two steps is that you can secure yourself from any accident.
  • Now turn side the mower and if it is working on the gas then turn the carburetor on the upside.

If you follow these steps very carefully then you can serve for a very short time. However, having a clean lawn is something that makes your places beautiful but considering sharpening the blades is rocket science. Moreover, the internet is full of the question that how to sharpen lawn mower blades without removing them.

Blade Changing Procedure

Now it is time to head toward the main and important task which is changing the blades. Here is the following procedure for blade sharpening:


Make sure that blades are not in function when you are working on the mower. Therefore, you can place the wooden wedge under the blades and above the cutting deck. So that, you can secure the mower’s blade from any bad incident.


Once you remove the mower from the electricity or secure the carburetor. Also, you have secured your lawn mower’s blade. Now it’s time to clean the blades and this process also requires attention and care. You can use the wire brush for cleaning the blade but some people use steel wood as well. The main use of these brushes is that they amazingly remove any kind of dust or pests. So that, you can secure yourself from any hurdle while the cleaning process.


By maintaining the angle you can place the blade on the center and try to avoid touching the main center. Moreover, once you changed the side of the blade while stroking, don’t touch the stroked side. So, when you have done one side, repeat the same procedure for another side.

So, these are the main steps for sharpening the blades while removing them from the mower. However, many people find the best solution that can facilitate them and can get rid of removing the blades.

Why Is It Necessary to Change the Blade?

Using the same blade for many years or for a long time, your garden can carry an irregular shape. However, people often make the mistake that they don’t replace or maintaining the mower’s blade. The steel of the blades gets older over time and even they become irregular in position. Besides this, the use of the old mower’s blade makes the surface of the garden irregular.

However, you may have seen very few lawns that have brown surfaces or have tiny leaves and dust. Moreover, these types of surfaces convey a negative impression of your personality. Even your house does not look reasonable because of your dusty lawn. Moreover, greenery is something that attracts everyone and people enjoy while standing on it. The entire look of your lawn depends on the mower’s blade, If sharpen lawn mower blades your life easy.


Queries like how to sharpen blades without removing them are a big concern nowadays. It is a fact that you can clean your mower’s blade without dragging them as well. But people consider this task as one of the difficult tasks. Even they find the best technician for this purpose, so that, they can reduce their stress. Furthermore, they become ready to pay high fees for this service.

But you can do this procedure on your own while staying at home. Moreover, it is an extremely easy and amazing task but you have to follow the complete instructions. Additionally, if you have the complete instructions and tools then the process is easy for you. Besides this, if you skip even one tool or instruction step then you have to repeat the procedure again.

Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades Without Removing

If you have a lawnmower that works on gasoline then you can sharpen the blades when the tank is empty. However, you can empty the tank on your own without waiting for further any do. Even if your mower’s blade has some cubbyhole then you can do this process without grinding. Also, you can notice the timing and direction from the side blade can be sharpened. Besides this, if your blade has heavy or thin nicks then you can change them as soon as possible. Furthermore, the same phenomenon goes for when they are imbalanced or not equally cutting the grass.

Preventive & Tools

The mower blades are not your friend that you can easily adjust. However, they are extremely sharp and you can get the cut on your hand. Furthermore, it is essential to cover your hand while removing the blades. Even you also need to follow precautionary measures when you are not removing the blades. Furthermore, after sharpening the blades, try to keep the mower away from kids. Also, always keep your mower machine unplugged, so that, you can secure yourself from any accident.

Not only this but you must have gloves, wooden brushes, and wooden blocks as well. Moreover, having the grinder and safety glasses should be your top priority.


So, the lawnmower is your top-notch essential that makes your lawn eye-catching and mesmerizing. Furthermore, if you want to make a small lawn in your house then make a list of essential tools for your mower. So that, you can secure your money and time from

Investing in the non-professional technician. However, it is the easiest process that you can do it help.

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