Pebble Shower Floors Pro’s and Con’s

Pebble Shower Floors

Many people are considering pebble shower floor as they can enhance the beauty of the bathroom. But before installing one you should know completely about them as well. Here we will discuss some of the facts about pebble shower floor.

Benefits of Pebble shower floor

Prior to installation you should know what material is the one you are having.

Rock is a little smooth round stone tracked down on sea shores and in streams. A characteristics material that can be effectively obtained in huge amounts and will endure forever.

Besides being harmless to the ecosystem by utilizing what we have got from nature there are many other benefits of pebble shower stone.

Wonderful Completion

Pebble shower guarantees a naturalistic completion of your bathroom looking like a stream. One of the off chance that you are excited about a beautiful vibe about your house. Pebble shower floor could be a decent choice.

Simple to maintain

They are so much easy you maintain and to clean them is so simple. Additionally these requires persistence yet is easy.


Pebble shower floor doesn’t consider any of the heavy and expensive material like grout, sealers as they are needed to cut tiles. Thus, the expense of fixing the pebble shower stone will be low as compare to the other floors.

Non tricky

Floor doesn’t go good with the water. In any case some kinds of floors are more secure than others. A pebble shower floor will guarantee a strong balance and sore stall wounds. This is especially significant for youngsters and senior individual

Restorative impact

If you are walking shoeless on the pebbles this would not harm you. Though this a sound practice. Like a back rub there are many of the reflexogenic points present at the bottom of your feet. You don’t need to go to travelling to do that therapy. You can partake in a foot knead each time you clean up.

Lessen in scratches

Pebble shower floor don’t break down or scratch without any problem. Only a couple of minor fixes like reapplying sealant might be required at regular intervals.

The Bad of having a Pebble shower Floors

On the drawbacks Pebble shower floors have the accompanying issue as well as discussed below.

Utilize bunch of Grout

As compare to the tiles and other related options for shower you utilize a lot of grouts while introducing the floor. Considering that grout is utilized to occupy the space between the tiles and here you need a large amount of it the settled down the pebbles.

In this case you can also resolve the issue by using the large pieces of the pebbles.

Not Long Lasting

Pebble shower floors are not so long lasting. You need to upkeep the floor to look up to date. It effectively loses the grout with the passage of time. This is on the ground that the grout and sealer are more presented as compare to the tiles.

Can prove to slippery

These floors are at their best on the off chance that they can be harsh. An excess of sealer makes them dangerous since you will fundamentally be strolling on a layer of the sealer which can get slippery when wet.

Uncomfortable with bare feet

While the ridged idea of the pebble shower floors add solace and a back rub feeling to feet. It’s best delighted in with some type of footwear. Any other way the pebble could hurt your feet. Pebble can be sharp at some edges which can also cause harm to you.

Need High support

While cleaning the pebble floor is a  little bit difficult as you need to take of thee seal and the grout of the floor. These incessant fixes can extensively expand the upkeep costs for the floor. In this aspect cleaning need to be done cautiously.

Need special abilities to upkeep

You need to have a perfect handyman survey the nature of the floor underneath the washroom first. This is to expect any kind of spillage that might come from the pebble shower floor.

Not friendly to hard water

If you are living in a area where there is hard water supplies you should be served with your cleaning and upkeep schedules to save the appearance of your shower floor. Hard water can form a layer on the pebble shower floors. Hard water have many ions that can torn up the look of your floor.

Pebble Shower Floors Pro’s and Con’s

Alternatives to Pebble shower floor

Penny Tile

These types of tiles are round tiles made of ceramic, porcelain or glass. Penny tiles are  very same size, so they may not seem to be  stone ground surface would, yet they in all actuality do come close.

Because of the material they are made of they convey a benefit over waterway rock and don’t need yearly resealing.

Porcelain Pebble Tiles

These seems as though as stone rocks as they are made up of porcelain. These tiles provide you with the sense of stone rock. But these are not cost effective and you will also need to renew them in a year as well.

Mosaic Tiles

These give you the similar stylish effect. Some would contend that mosaic tiles floor have more refined marvel. Their establishment cycle cost much. They provide a benefit over stream rocking floor.


Yet there are many of the benefits of pebble shower floor as they will give uniqueness to your bathroom and will make you enjoy your shower properly. But with all of this we will recommend you to especially take extra care of such flooring as they are fragile to any kind of carelessness. To make your restroom a better piece of art pebble shower floors are the best option. Always make a cleaning schedule and better choice of product to use while making such floors too make them durable and last long. As this all also lie on the fact what material you are using.”

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