Porthole Mirror-How to Make DIY Porthole Mirror

Porthole Mirror

Porthole Mirror

This is the era of modern technologies and equipment’s discussing one of them here which is porthole mirror. Porthole mirror increase the beauty of area where it installed. Because we are elaborating this we need to understand what is a porthole mirrors?

Basically porthole is a opening that comprises of somewhere round and consists of two parts. But its easiest structure just like any other window in plain and reason. And fitting the mirror in this porthole is called as porthole mirror. Such type of porthole mirrors mostly used in washrooms and kitchens in the houses.

Opening ranges from few crawls to few feet’s in the width. Bronze and metal are mostly used towards the protection of porthole mirrors from saltwater erosion.

Styles of porthole mirrors

  • Mirror with ship wheel
  • Antique Porthole mirrors
  • Polished Porthole mirrors
  • Porthole mirror with the brass finishing
  • Wooden porthole mirror

Make your Own Porthole Mirror

With regards to searching for stylistic layout for your home. We comprehend it tends to be an aggravation. Except if you live really close to a sea town with huge loads of ocean side related store.

You will run into inconvenience observing what you want. Porthole mirrors are something that are undeniably challenging to track down without the right clam to fame store. So, here are some of the tips and steps from which you can make your own porthole mirror.

Material Required

Following tools & material required for the DIY porthole mirror.

  1. Super paste (glue)
  2. Wood stick
  3. Bolts
  4. Wood plug
  5. Weaving loop(14”)
  6. Bearings
  7. Flush divider holder
  8. Spigot handle
  9. Round reflect (12”)
  10. Round compressed wood(15”)

First arrange all these material and then start making your own porthole mirror to enhance the beauty.

How to Make a DIY Nautical Porthole Mirror?

  • First pre paint all of the materials in general with the required color. Paint of your own choice. Though the combination copper and bass go good for an aesthetic look.
  • Find the center of the compressed wood round.
  • Now place the reflect in the central area of the wooden round frame. Use super paste to stick them up.
  • Place 14” weaving loop around the mirror in the circular motion by using wood paste to get.
  • Utilize super paste to connect bolts to wood lump on weaving band. This will make it resemble a pivot.
  • Use the wood paste to add wood plugs around the compressed wood.
  • Stack a wood attachment, bolt, and fixture handle to one another, with the spigot handle on top. Paste to pressure wood. This will make it appear as through the window can be opened.
  • Permit everything stuck to totally dry, then, at the point hang with a flush divider holder.

Areas to decorate with porthole mirrors

You can decorate different arrears of your house with these porthole mirrors:

  • Bathroom: You can use wide variety of this mirror  to décor your bathrooms. Here you can also utilize the porthole mirrors to store different stuff like shampoos lotions and body washes.
  • Powder room: enhance the beauty of powder rooms with the help of different styled porthole mirrors. This also impresses your guest and it really looks chic.
  • Medicinal cabinet: One can have a porthole mirror in the bedrooms for the purpose of storing and placing medicine in it. Despite of this mirror can be used for other purpose like getting ready using such mirrors.
  • Above sinks: You can also install one in the washing area where there are sinks installed.

Mounting a Porthole Mirror

For their mounting there are no hard and fast rules because you can fix them on the divider.

On one hand, there is the likelihood to balance the porthole on one of the current drill openings beneath the pivot. Now again and without a doubt this is a better arrangements. Eliminate a few of the accessible bolts from the edge of the porthole mirror and then fasten the opening mirror with screw on the divider through the uncovered drill opening.

Considering all the things let’s get a reasonable screws for the surface that It will be mounted on so, for instance wood screw for a wooden base or a suitable blend of divider attachments and screw.

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