What is the recommended Shower Head Height?

Shower Head Hight

Importance of showers in present age 

In the present days showers necessity and shower head height is also have same importance. It is easy to install any of the shower head adjusting shower head height at the required level. The manufacturer also give you the quickest and the easiest way to fix shower heads.

Custom showers are also available now days. They have the specifications of your choice. Moreover, shower head height mostly depends on the type of the shower head.

Mess related to Shower head  heights

There could be two possible situations which can create problem related to shower pattern. If you have a shower head way too far from the shower walls this will create a mess outside the shower leading to slip hazard. On the other hand if you are having shower head height almost to the ceiling there will no way of steam to ventilate.  And this will cause the mold growth.

Relation of user and shower head height

Generally it is ideal shower head height a few inches above the user height. Standard height is 80 inches. But if this height exceeds or lowers according to users height it will create damage. 2-3 inches above the height of the person who use the shower head. And if it exceeds the user will not be able to enjoy the best shower pattern.

For example if the user height is 5′ shower head height should be 63″. Another example is if user is 6’3″ shower head height should be 78″. Keep in view all the aspect to get the best shower experience.

Why it is necessary to have different shower head heights

Not every person in the world have the same type of requirements. Hence here the case is also same for the heights of humans. No one have the same height and that’s why the shower head to be used vary in their height according to the user. Shower head height should always be user friendly and easy to approach. Suitable shower head height gives you the better experience.

Standard shower height should be 80 inches?

No, actually it is not necessary to have the 80 inches height for the shower heads. This mostly depends on the stature of the clients.

You may have seen that sometimes in open bathrooms the heights goes as high as 96 inches suitable even for the tallest individual. In any case the shower head goal should be agreeable for children to elderly folks individuals to tallest one.

Types of shower heads

There are several shower heads :

  • Rain shower head

Name depicts the pattern of showering. This gives you the insight as though you are under the downpour. The standard height for the rain shower head is 80 inches if exceeds from 80-84 inches it could add discomfort.

  • Wall mounted shower heads

The standard height for this type of shower head is 80 inches. And the height of the wall should be 89 inches. Wall mounted shower heads introduced straight forward in to the divider.

It is extremely important to pick up an agreeable spot for this sort of shower head since you can’t move or change it.

  • Standard shower enclosure height

The standard stature for shower walled in area is 78 inches or 72 crawls form the shower floor. Simply ensure that the shower fenced in area of your restroom ought not stretch out to the roof.

This may bring about of form and mold on your shower divider because of steam..

  • Handheld Showerheads

Standard height should be 72 -78 inches.  The most outstanding aspect of a a handheld shower head is that one can deal with it without any stress. Yet, a significant highlight consider while getting a handheld shower head is that the adaptable hose ought to be something like 60 inches long. It works best for the family.

Ideal Shower space

Area where you are going to install shower heads are directly related to the size of the shower heads. And it also effect the shower head heights. According to the standards the size of the shower space should be 36×36 inches.

There is also another point to discuss that is the shape of the shower space. Now a days it could be cubicles closed spaces and open one. Hence the shower head size and height vary greatly according to the area. Always select the suitable shower head height for installation and sizes. Many salesman and advertisements will recommend different options. Because it effects the body movement restrictions while bathing.

Large spaces for shower head installation are better so that you can enjoy relaxing  bath. In case of patients and elderly people need space where two people can stay.

Tools for adjustment of shower head heights

There should always a room for adjusting the shower head according to the need of the time. So here are some of the tools that could help in adjusting the shower head height. Discussed below in detail:

  • Adjustable shower arm

A magical accessory that is easy to install and highly affordable. If you say it is user friendly is not a wrong statement. If u want to position shower head higher. You can use this extension with the pre-existing shower head.

  • Swivel Ball adapter

This is the extension use for the lowering if the shower head in contrast to the above one discussed. You can easily fix this accessory between shower head and shower arm.

  • S style shower arm

This type of addition also helps you to adjust the shower head according to the positioning of user. But more effort is needed in this type as we have to remove and install in existing shower. It helps to only higher the shower head only this is also a disadvantage.

  • Slide bars

This type is the complex one. It is use mostly in handheld showers when fixed in walls. You have to adjust height by moving the mount along the bar.


  • Ideal shower wall height?

Two estimations should be taken which include the shower divider gauge should not less than 72 inches high from floor. Other is like 70 inches from the floor to the highest point divider.

  • Standard height of shower doors?

It should be 72-78 inches. But in case of highest installment it could be up to 96 inches.

  • Ideal shower valve height?

Should range between 38-48 inches. Although it depends on the individual height should be easily accessible.

  • What should be the standard height of grab bar?

It should range from 33 to 36 inches. And should be easy to reach and grab.

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